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Seeing is Believing!

Check out some of Dave Herzog's Marionettes in action.

Wally the Basset Hound greets the children in every performance by Dave Herzog's Marionettes.

Scenes from "The Circus"

Tahini the Snake

Tahini the Snake interacts with a lively group of children during a performance at a puppetry conference in Des Moines, Iowa

Ethel Mermaid

Patches, The Tramp Clown

Patches the Tramp Clown and his big red balloon delight the children.

Bruin Hilda

Bruin Hilda, the Break-Away Teddy Bear, gives the audience a surprise when gets so nervous she just falls apart.

Olympia, The Ice Skater

Olympia, our Figure Skater, is always an audience favorite.

Scenes from "Stringing On A Star - An Outer Space Adventure"


The lovely Venusia performs on the flying trapeze.

Space Cadet Zork, Jr.

Space Cadet Zork Jr. really gets the hang of his warp powered roller skates.

The Friendly Martians

The friendly Martians teach the children how to do the Martian Hop.

Purple People Eater

Oh No! We are being invaded by a Purple People Eater.

Roswell, The Alien

Roswell the Alien juggles the incredibly dangerous radiation spheres.

Photon, The Magnificent

Photon the Magnificent walks the tightrope in the Intergalactic Circus.

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